Easter then and now

Easter egg beach 3

Easter then and now

In 2008, Easter Sunday was on March 23rd. 5 days after Kenneth was born.

A holiday with our son. Needless to say, Easter is very important to my husband and I.

It’s not a holiday about being sad, for me it’s about celebrating. Of course I will have my moments of wishing my son was here and remembering Easter of 2008. It hurts of course but I also feel fortunate that I had my little boy for at least one holiday.

Easter of 2008. Kenneth had just had a little heart surgery. He was doing very well. We have a special photo of Kenneth that was taken by some lovely people in the NICU from that Sunday. I am so thankful for this photo. You can see the little Band-Aid from the surgery and my baby’s perfect beautiful little face. Life was turned upside down with having a baby in the NICU. My husband’s friend’s Mom made us a lasagna for dinner. 9 years later I will never forget. It was so touching and so thoughtful of this Mom to do this for us. It helped so much. It gave us a nice dinner for Easter and got us back up to the hospital quickly to see our little love. I will forever have a special place in my heart for this Mom. As well, we now have lasagna every Easter. A tradition that is special to us. It’s the little things. Little things that make special memories.

So as Easter Eve is here I thought I would write about how special it is to us. I am missing my son. I wish he was here with us to have an Easter egg hunt in the morning and to enjoy the sunshine that I’m hoping for tomorrow. (he’ll bring it I’m sure) To enjoy the special lasagna dinner we’ll have. To see my children playing and enjoying the day. But I am thankful that I have a memory of one holiday with my beloved Kenneth.

Easter then and now … still special ❤






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